Our fees are affordable and reasonable without compromising on service.
Immigrating to another country is a big decision and one needs to get it right, first time around.

Before you even start you should consider the following in your budgeting process:

  • Airfares and removal costs
  • Sufficient funds to support yourself whilst seeking employment, which can be about two to four months
  • Supporting your family back home whilst you are looking for work
  • Purchasing a second hand car on arrival for transport.
  • Cost of visa applications
  • Cost of medical examinations
  • Cost of bond deposit for new home
  • School fees, clothes and enrolment
  • Cost of professional licensed advice
  • The cost and impact of failing an application and returning back if you did it yourself
  • Every application has the potential to fail given the complexities involved even if on the surface you cannot recognize the dangers
  • The cost of looking for work again in your home country

You should be asking whether you can afford not to pay for good quality advice and assistance. A licensed adviser when determining a reasonable fee for services to be provided will consider some or all of the following factors:

  • The degree of complexity of the application
  • The urgency of the application, including any time limitations imposed by the client
  • The length of time involved in processing the application
  • Whether the application is lodged in New Zealand or offshore
  • The number of people included in the application
  • Whether disbursements such as third party costs, couriers, translations, copying etc. are included
  • The level of personal service provided
  • Current market place fee levels for similar services
As indicated above; in order to determine the fees involved for your particular application the adviser need to assess all your personal details, in order to make a fair assessment. After the assessment the adviser will give you a detailed overview of the costs for us to assist with your specific application. Please note that Government fees are extra.

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