Who We Are?


Greatlife Immigration Services Ltd started in 2008 by helping family and friends achieve their visas in their quest for a “great life”, and when the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) was established by Government in 2010 to regulate the Immigration industry, Jan received his full license.

Greatlife Immigration Services has a fantastic team of support staff.

Our head office is in Tauranga, in the Bay of Plenty, and support staff in Cape Town and Pretoria.
We are partners with another fully licensed immigration adviser, in order to always have a licensed adviser available.

our mission

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In Afrikaans there is a saying, “dis die lekker lewe”, which nicely translates to a great life; we aim to provide that pathway to our clients.

We believe in making the immigration process as easy and financially achievable as possible. We believe in quality of service, not quantity of numbers, therefore we do not employ marketing and salespersons to recruit large numbers of clients.

We rather strive to give value for money to a selected few clients whom we are able to render a professional service at all times.

Our assessments and day to day services are provided by licensed advisers, who understand the legal complications and issues when dealing with Immigration law.

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immigration advisers

It is common for person to want to do it themselves, it is equally common for applications being returned or declined by Immigration New Zealand.

Mistakes are costly, you may lose your job offer, which means you won’t be earning New Zealand dollars.

That is unnecessary stress that is added to your life before being able to settle in your new country.

We have a more than 99% proven success rate, and have assisted numerous clients for the last 12 years, all of them are now happily settled in New Zealand.

One should ask yourself the following question; what is the price you put on gaining Citizenship of a first World Country?

Is it worth less than buying the latest sedan vehicle, which may not last more than 5 years? Or would you rather pay a fraction of that price to gain Citizenship with all the benefits it entails?


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Our professional fees are reasonable, affordable and relevant to the service we perform.

We understand first-hand the exorbitant cost of relocating to New Zealand.

We believe in the personal touch, where every client is regarded as an important link to the future success. We only sign on clients that are eligible, and is employable.

Please refer to our Services Page for more information about everything we do for you.

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Jan Barnard started the Company in 2008 and is a fully Licensed Immigration Adviser which he received in 2010 when the Immigration Advisers Authority (www.iaa.govt.nz) came into effect. This allows him to deal with the whole scope of Immigration applications from residence through to investors.

Jan is originally from sunny Durban in South Africa, and moved to Auckland in 2006. He was in law enforcement for over 20 years, and has attended courses in the legal field at the FBI academy in Quantico USA, as well as the New Mexico University in the USA. His legal qualification obtained in South Africa created a passion in him to understand legal matters, which led him to studying the New Zealand Immigration Act 2009.

Jan has traveled extensively through Europe, and also spent time in Namibia, London, America and Australia. He is systematically working through New Zealand, a prime tourist destination. He takes a personal interest in his clients and believe in helping people achieving their goal of living the Great Life!

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