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Our company provides a service to persons interested in immigrating to New Zealand.

With our expert knowledge and practical experience we assist you in making informed decisions about the right choice of visa. We’ll complete all your visa applications from work through to residence, ensuring that the process is as stress free as possible, leaving you to enjoy everything this great country has to offer.


  • Personal consultations by appointment for persons in Tauranga and via Zoom or WhatsApp by arrangement.
  • Basic and comprehensive eligibility assessment for work and residence visas
  • Visa Application for workresidencestudent visas  and family category 
  • Employer job search assistance, and preparing your online portfolio.
  • Soft landing and settlement support in finding the right accommodation, cars, services, schools
  • A fully comprehensive information pack which contains all the information you need about living and working in New Zealand

If you are already in New Zealand and would like to use us to assist with residence visas, or changes to existing work visas, please feel free to


eligibility assessments


A fully licensed Immigration adviser will assess your eligibility and advise you on the best way forward.

This will ensure that you save time and avoid costly mistakes.

You will receive a written report within 5 to 10 business days, dependent on the amount of enquiries received at the time of submitting your information required to make an assessment.

The assessment will be based on the understanding and interpretation of the New Zealand Immigration policy, legislation and operational policies.

If your details and circumstances require further investigation and research, or is complex, you’ll be requested to provide further information in order for the adviser to provide you with the best advice and options.

why pay for an assessment


Our licensed immigration advisers have spent many years studying Immigration law and operational policies and instructions in order to provide the best advice to you.

We are committed in offering you a professional service which you deserve and pay for, in order to make a life changing decision.

We understand the uncertainty and stress of Immigration, as we’ve been through it ourselves after emigrating from South Africa.


assessment cost


The fee for a written report and assessment is NZ$200.00 if in New Zealand. If in South Africa a flat rate of R2000.00 is paid. This fee is not subjected to the exchange rate on the date (Please contact us for payment options if you are in South Africa). This amount will be deducted when you sign on as a client.

You are under no obligation to use our services following the assessment and are free to apply on your own. We do trust that you would use the professional services and knowledge of the adviser to assist you with your application.

Mistakes are costly and always result in delays, costing you money and a loss of income, plus the danger of having the job offer being withdrawn.

what you get


In return for this fee, your situation will be assessed by a licensed adviser who has legal training and background. This assessment is a legally binding document and classified as Immigration advice, and as such the refund policy and Code of Conduct for Licensed Advisers apply.

Our written report will provide you with information on your employability, eligibility, and future opportunities. We will then answer further questions that you may have before signing on as a client.

The reality is emigration will cost you thousands of dollars for airfares, settlement, and New Zealand Government fees. We would gladly assist those who are serious about moving to New Zealand and willing to pay a small fee for peace of mind and receiving a legally binding assessment.


If you are in New Zealand and you are ready for us to do your eligibility assessment, please proceed with your PayPal payment below and then click on the  ‘COMPLETE ELIGIBILITY ASSESSMENT” button to complete and submit the information to us.

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